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More than Just Light Suppliers

Unlike your traditional Lighting suppliers, LED Effects is a B2B business with a team of well trained lighting specialists with over 15 years of experience in providing lighting solutions. While we are a one-stop shop for a whole range of lighting products our strength lies in providing customized lighting solutions, design consultancy and Energy Efficient Engineering.

Lighting Solutions

Every project is unique and so are it’s requirements! Our trained specialists are out there to cater to all unique needs, whether its a traditional or a complex project, we have the expertise to cater to it!

Design & Customization

Let us manage the lighting for you? Our team is available 24/7 to visit your site and provide a free consultation on what we think is the best lighting solution for your project. So don’t hesitate and call us, we love to meet people!

Energy Efficiency

We will save for you today, tomorrow and forever! While lighting up your project with the best and cost effective solution is our goal, we also keep in mind that we save enough energy to protect the environment and to keep your power bills in check.

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A brand of Siegend Systems LLC
Dubai, UAE

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